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Voices From This Long Brown Land

Palgrave Macmillan
February 2006
  • General & Miscellaneous World History
  • World History

Voices From This Long Brown Land Synopsis

An oral history of the diverse communities of Manzanar in eastern California, now a National Historic Site, focusing on recollections of its varied history as internment camp, Western filmmaking site, and more

Voices From This Long Brown Land Table Of Content

1I raised some coyotes once29
2The valley is nothin' like it was in the old days37
3That's how I spent most of my time, among the white people43
4Water is everything59
5It was a railroad hotel, made of box cars - everything was box cars79
6We were a close bunch of people, a lot of good people95
7We maintained the individuality of the towns and the newspapers109
8I was what they called a real good cowgirl123
9On that day, the sand blew and it got into our eyes and oh, it made us weep137
10I would give the Japanese an idea of what the country was like149
11I was able to continue singing in camp169
12I enjoy being involved187

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